$80.00 USD

Here’s a stunning gift to treat a crowd – or to last a friend a long time of happy nibbling. A large signature re-usable gold gift box is filled with a boatload of treats:

  • One 6-pc Variety Box of our unique, premium Chocolate Covered Fruit Caramels, containing 2 each of our flavors Sassy Strawberry, Just Peachy and Blackberry-Pom Fusion. A taste treat for all chocolate and caramel lovers, and who isn’t?
  • One bag of Luxury Caramel Corn: our impossible to resist premium popcorn is drenched with our special caramel coating, then drizzled with couverture dark chocolate. We can’t stop nibbling on it, it’s that good.
  • One Peppermint Hot Cocoa Spoon. Stir this into a glass of your favorite type of warm milk and sip on some of the best rich hot chocolate! A delicious way to relax on a chilly day.
  • One box of Chocolate Peppermint Bark. The perfect blend of thin dark and white chocolate sheets, topped with crushed peppermint candy! We use beet juice instead of Red Dye 40 to color our peppermint candy, meaning this all-natural treat is guilt free.
  • One box of Dark Chocolate Toffee Almonds: We cover California almonds with a crunchy-delicious thin toffee coat, then cover them in premium couverture dark chocolate. These are another of our staff favorites, hard to stop munching on!
  • One bag of Turtle Hatchlings: Four of our amazingly delicious turtle-type candies--about the size of baby sea turtles. We use our own special Very Vanilla Caramel for these babies, combined in the classic turtle-candy way with pecans, then totally covered with couverture dark chocolate. The mouth-watering combination of the delicious slight bitterness of the premium chocolate with the sweetness and wonderful taste of our special caramel, along with the classic flavorful crunch of fresh pecans, is a delight our true turtle-lover customers crave again and again.

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